Tangent Time 16 – “Marvel’s Age of Tangent”

Hey guys, long time no see! Welcome back to Across the Airwaves’ very own It’s Tangent Time Podcast! On this episode, Woo and I talk a lot, and boy do I mean a LOT about just about everything in the geek world at the moment. Granted, we recorded this podcast around the time San Diego…

Across The Airwaves Episode 222 – “The Sky Is Falling Down”

The sky is falling Across The Airwaves Listeners as Michael J. Petty returns to the podcast for reviews on the final season of Falling Skies beginning with the Season 5 premiere. Also be sure to keep an eye out for the Comic Con Edition episodes of Across The Airwaves, The Marvelverse Podcast and the DC Nation Podcast designed to report on all the major Film/Television Events coming in the next year and beyond.

Across The Airwaves Episode 221 – “Behold the Power of the Dark Side”

Behold the power of the Dark Side as this week’s Across the Airwaves reviews the Season 2 Premiere of Star Wars Rebels & the Orphan Black Season 3 Finale. We also deliver news reporting on record-breaking ratings for the Game of Thrones Finale and the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup as well as Matt Smith starring in a new Netflix Series, Forest Whitaker joining the cast of Star Wars: Rogue One and DC Comics announcing a Batman Day Event in September.

Across The Airwaves Episode 219 – #AndaMovie for Community

This week’s Across The Airwaves reviews #OrphanBlack & the possible Series Finale for #Community while discussing our aspirations for the show to have Six Seasons #andamovie. We also discuss rumored news about the #StarWarsAnthology Films including #Ewan McGregor reprising his role as #ObiWanKenobi, characters being bumped up to series regulars on #Gotham & #AgentsofShield, #JoelMcHale joining the cast of #TheXFiles Revival & much more.

Across The Airwaves Episode 218 – “Island in the Sun”

Across The Airwaves Episode 218 vacations on an island in the sun reviewing Orphan Black & Community. We also provide an extended News with Nico section where we discuss each of the headlines which include Arrow having to halt a Harley Quinn Story Arc, the Batmobile chasing The Joker on the Suicide Squad Movie Set, an Orphan Black actor joining Heroes Reborn, Doctor Who returning to Comic Con, Elektra being in Season 2 of Daredevil & much more.

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