ATA’s Smallville Retro Reviews 24 – The De-Evolution of Lex Luthor

Hello faithful Smallvillians and ATA…ians? I don’t really know, but WELCOME BACK!!!! Sorry we’ve been away so long, it won’t happen again (well, not until summer hiatus, and winter hiatus, and spring break of 2013…). On this special come-back episode of Retro Reviews, I, Michael J. Petty, and two of my favorite people to work with, Woo S. Kim (who I host this show with regularly) and Dan Schmidt (who I do weekly reviews on DC Nation/Smallville Season 11 with, check those out here). Anyway, on this episode, Woo, Dan, and I will be talking about the De-Evolution of Smallville’s Lex Luthor! But, for the first 15-20 minutes, we talk about Chuck, Supernatural Season 7, Glee, and a host of other things, including Season 11 of Smallville!!! So, I’m sorry it took so long, but we’re back, and we’re here to stay!

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Recorded: 4/15/12 – Length: 1:39:05 – Subscribe