ATA’s Retro Reviews 25 – Welcome to Randomville!!!

Hey guys, welcome back to a little town called Randomville. Population: US! (us not U.S. as in A) Anyway, on that note, Woo and I had nothing in particular to talk about on a Saturday night, so we decided to just do a Geek Out Loud style podcast and go wherever the airwaves take us (see what I did there?). And guess what?…. IT WORKED!!! We talk about a bunch of things, like Smallville, Chuck, Glee (ugh!), Smallville Season 11, theories about the Ghost-Tess, cancelled shows, Supernatural, and more!

Also, I’m trying to convince Woo to do a Scooby-Doo themed episode like our Power Rangers one, so if anyone wants that, PLEASE message him @WSK9002 on Twitter or buy ANY other means necessary… Good luck!

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Recorded: 4/21/12 – Length: 1:19:15 – Subscribe