It’s Nico Versus the Chuck Finale on Across The Airwaves Episode 68

Hey ATA Listeners, have you ever had those moments in your life where it feels like everything is going your way? Well, that’s what happened with Nico and I recording this podcast because we ended up with one of our best episodes ever.  Don’t get me wrong, there was still editing that needed to be done,  but in terms of emotions we were running on full cylinders by giving you some good old fashion drama as this week’s Castle prompted Nico to get up on  his soapbox to make an intelligent argument about how reality shows are making people stupid one episode at a time and  watching the third episode of  Fox’s new series Alcatraz caused me to express a serious concern about there not being any more original ideas out there for a sci-fi/fantasy TV Series.

However, just because Nico and I got a little opinionated  doesn’t mean we didn’t have any fun with this podcast as we took a breather to discuss our favorite comedic moments from an outstanding 101st episode of The Big Bang Theory and threw around some pretty wild crackpot theories during our discussion about Fringe.

Then from here we went into what I call the main event as Nico who unfortunately was not able to join us for Chuck Versus The ATA Live Show was given the floor to give his thoughts on the Chuck Series Finale with a heartfelt sendoff for the little show that could that was worthy of the podcast equivalent to an Academy award. I’ve known Nico for a very long time and  next to the MDA Summer Camp that we used to attend, saying goodbye to Chuck is the only other thing that I’ve ever seen him get this passionate about so get ready to bring out the Kleenex if you are a hard-core Chuck fan. Although, the good news is for those of you who might be a little bit apprehensive of listening to this podcast due to the emotion, Nico ends things on a  positively optimistic note as he reminds all of us Nerd Herders that we have not heard the last of Chuck Bartkowski and the Buy More. So please drop whatever you’re doing and listen to this podcast because it’s one of ATA’s best by simply giving you some serious closure to Chuck coming to an end especially if you were somewhat upset by the ending.

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Recorded: 2/5/12 – Length: 01:19:23 – Subscribe

Dan Schmidt