Across The Airwaves Episode 79 meets Korra the new Avatar!

Earth. Fire. Air. Water. When this podcast was in its infancy we discussed the story of how Avatar Aang and his friends heroically ended the Hundred Year War.  Talking about the achievement of Executive Producers Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko transforming the Television Animation Industry by  combining the styles of Anime and American cartoons into a show where children and adults from all over the world, could enjoy together an epic tale of peace and harmony. They named this great Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender. During their time on the air, the adventures of Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things. But sadly, after an outstanding series finale and a god-awful live-action movie adaptation his time in this world came to an end. Then like with all strong entertainment franchises, the cycle of the Avatar, began anew.” And with that I’m proud to present Across the Airwaves Episode 79 as one of your first chances to meet the new Avatar, Korra as we add Nickelodeon’s new series The Legend of Korra to our slate of reviews with our discussion on the highly anticipated one hour World Premiere.

Although, that’s not all you are going to get with this podcast episode as Nico gives a  rant about how Bones seems to be losing its touch and I discuss how the shocking cliffhanger at the end of the Psych Season Finale might change the character  of Shawn Spencer forever. Oh and did I mention that we’ve got a bunch of crackpot theories that came out of our discussion on this week’s Fringe episode? Also as always we cover our favorite sitcoms, with Nico and I sharing our favorite comedic moments on this week’s Modern Family and Community.

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Recorded: 4/15/12 – Length: 01:22:42 – Subscribe


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