Across The Airwaves Episode 80 does the time warp again!

Hey ATA Listeners,  let’s do the time warp again as this week’s slate of reviews took us from past, present, future and beyond in a way that would make the Doctor and the TARDIS proud. Basically, our time warp started out taking us to the past where and this week’s Bones made us wish for better days when the show’s  writing was stronger and Castle caused us to relieve the time were Firefly was on the air with a reunion between Nathan Filion and Adam Baldwin. Then Phil trying to give his daughter the best day ever on Modern Family caused us to take a quick stop in the present followed by us going a little bit of everywhere as this week’s Community intelligently spoofed on Doctor Who. From here it was welcome to the future as this week’s episodes of Fringe and Legend of Korra dealt with the descendents of heroic characters that we love trying to instill their parent’s visions upon worlds threatened by evil. And lastly we round out our exploration of space and time in the great beyond as Supernatural gave us a story about Bobby being a ghost in training. So with that pull out your TARDIS key and unlock the sounds of this podcast because it contains an adventure that makes your iPod look bigger on the inside.

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Recorded: 4/22/12 – Length: 01:30:30 – Subscribe

Dan Schmidt