DC Nation Podcast – Week 5 “Brought To You By The Word: Kinky!”

This week on ATA’s Marvel Universe section, Dan Schmidt and Michael J. Petty cover the premiere of Ultimate Spider-Man, in which Spidey crosses over into the Young Justice universe of Earth-16 and… Wait! Wrong show. Ahem… Hello, and welcome back to Across the Airwaves’ coverage on DC NATION!!!! (NOT Marvel Universe…) This week on DC Nation, we will cover the Green Lantern episode “Heir Apparent”, the Young Justice episode “Insecurity” and the DC Nation shorts (DC Nation Mythbusters, New Teen Titans, and Baby Superman)! During this discussion, we talk about the new romance of Aya and Razer (Ayazer), Wally and Artemis (Wartemis?), Roy and Cheshire (Reshire?), Kilowog, Spider-Man, Baby Superman’s height, Anime, Beast Boy’s racial change in the New 52, and much more on this weeks ATA’s DC Nation! Also, this brodcast has been brought to you by the word “kinky”… (listen for more details…)

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Michael J. Petty

  • Jason A

    Nice podcast! Just saw the new episode and loved it. Can’t believe the ending. Did not see that coming at that scale. And I feel like Kyle will be introduce in the Green Lantern. And I have a way out there theory that I believe the writers will go into the Blackest Night storyline in later Season 2 or Season 3.