DC Nation Podcast – Week 8 – What Kilowog and the Justice League Have Done

On this week’s ATA DC Nation section our discussion is all about the heroes of the DC Universe facing the consequences of what they’ve done under the influence of mind control or super villainy as this week’s Green Lantern The Animated Series “Fear Itself” episode dealt with Kilowog turning on Hal and this week’s Young Justice entitled  “Auld Acquaintance” had a Starro controlled Justice League turn on Aqualad and his team.  Even the heroes in this week’s shorts had to face the results of their actions as Plastic Man turned on the TV itself and Robin in the course of defeating Mad Mod took The New Teen Titans to the future. Meanwhile in the Smallville Season 11 department,  things were good between Clark and Oliver as they performed a solid superhero team up but Chloe realized she might be making a mistake on the decision to move away from the Watchtower in Metropolis as a mysterious spacecraft, which Michael and I share a few crackpot theories about in this episode heads towards Earth.

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Recorded: 4/27/12 – Length: 01:46:55 – Subscribe

Dan Schmidt